Kriss Vector Gel Ball Toy Rifle/AR/Launcher


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Extra bullets. extra fun!

Eachorder contains 8 packs of Bullets.which sums up to 80.000 rounds in total.


Soak in clean water for 4 hours. or until the gel balls reach 7-7.5mm. rinse thoroughly before using. Soak in purified water for better performance.

About White Gel Bullets:

White Gel bullets are still water filled. but specially hardened for longer range and hitting harder.


This is the purchase link for GelBullets. these bullets work only onGel Ball Launchers/Guns. NOT Sponge Bullet guns.


8 packs of blue gel bullets(100k PCs), 8 packs of green gel bullets(100k PCs), 8 packs of white gel bullets(100k PCs)

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