Electric Desert Eagle Gel Blaster Pistol Paintball




Equipped with rechargeable battery and charging cable, recycling, more environmentally friendly

20,000 Seeds!!!

Up to 20,000 rounds of water bombs, allowing you to enjoy the fun of shooting without worrying about any shortage of bullets


Degradable and environmentally friendly hydrogel balls are used as bullets, which will automatically burst into pieces after hitting objects, and evaporate naturally in the sun, no need to clean up and environmental protection, this is the best bullet choice! !

Best Gifts!

Your boy or kid will be crazy about it! This is the best holiday gift! Not limited to kids, of course, lol!

Consumers are requested to consciously abide by the above rules, and the factory will not bear direct or joint responsibility for the adverse consequences caused by violation of any one of the rules.

  • Do not change the color of the model gun at will or make it more simulated, it should be used within the scope permitted by law.
  • Do not use in a dark environment.
  • The water-absorbing bomb cannot be frozen or heated, please keep away from fire.
  • Do not put the water-absorbent bomb in your mouth. If you accidentally swallow it, please seek medical help immediately and bring the information (the water-absorbent bomb contains water and sodium polyacrylate cross-linked copolymer).
  • Do not use it near your ears.
  • The equipped protective glasses cannot provide protection function.
  • Regularly check whether the model parts are damaged, and stop using them if they are found to be damaged until the repair is complete.
  • The water-absorbing bomb cannot be frozen or heated, please keep away from fire.
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